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Contact Details:
Email address t.jellema@hull.ac.uk
Telephone Number (01482) 466490
Office Location FEN-162A (show map)

Social Brain Lab

Social brain lab


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Winner of the Hull University Union Student Led INNOVATIVE TEACHING AWARD 2013

Research Interests

I study social cognition, and its relation with mechanism for high-level vision, from behavioural, clinical and neurobiological perspectives. Topics of interest include: Components of the social brain - Evolutionary psychology - Precursors of Theory of Mind in (non-)human primates - Deficiencies in social cognition in autism - Automation of social cue processing - Mechanistic versus mentalistic descriptions of social behaviour - Perception and understanding of other’s actions - Perception of implied motion in static articulated body postures - Dissociable representations of living and non-living objects - The extended mind hypothesis.